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Utility Right-Of-Way Maintenance
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  Growth Management is
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  At Poor Boy Tree Service we are not just saws and trees. We are a major company that focuses on getting the job done in the quickest and most effective manner. Whether it is trees that need to be trimmed, or brush that needs to be sprayed, PBT is ready to go with the most efficient equipment that is available. If the equipment is not available we have the resources to modify or manufacture equipment that completes the necessary task with ease and time efficiency, thus removing cost and labor out of the equation.


  On the right-of-way there are several different methods of line clearance. For example, when there are trees along the right-of-way that are in the power line easement, but not close enough to the power line to cause it damage, then we have the option of using the mechanical trimmer, which is the dominant piece of machinery on the right-of-way. Instead of using climbers, the mechanical trimmer side trims all the trees along the edge of the right-of-way, leaving a “clean-cut” appearance. The mechanical trimmer is the greatest time and expense saving piece of equipment available.


  When unwanted vegetation needs to be sprayed, we have the equipment to do it. For light spraying, or stump and cut stubble spraying, we use our pump-up sprayers to manually apply herbicide to only what needs to be sprayed. Heavy vegetation is treated with foliage spray using skidder-mounted John Bean sprayers which hold from 100-300 gallons of herbicide at a time.


  Often times, there are trees with branches that dangle over the power lines. To effectively remove these branches without damaging the power lines, or even worse getting someone hurt, we have expert climbers that carefully cut away the branches and safely send them to the ground.

  The bucket truck is used to trim or remove yard trees that are in the utility line close to houses or other structures. A crew of two is needed to safely operate a bucket truck. The trimmer is in the bucket while a groundsman is on the ground for safety purposes and for clean-up. A chipper is always used with the bucket truck to help maintain the yards and clean up the debris.

   Chainsaws are a major tool in the line clearance industry. They are used by climbers, bucket truck operators, and Groundsmen. Groundsmen use chainsaws to cut down trees, clean out fence rows, and cut trees that have already fallen into smaller pieces so that they can be taken to the chipper, or another location off of the right-of-way. 










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